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Ciara and Rihanna Go At It On Twitter

28 Feb

Beyonce fans, in case you were wondering…this is EXACTLY why Bey doesn’t do Twitter!

Friday night, Ciara stopped by E!’s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers to give her input on the latest red carpet hit and misses.  During the segment, Rihanna’s Christian Dior Couture that she wore to the BRIT’s flashed across the screen and the other hosts shared their thoughts. When it was Ciara’s turn to critique the dress, she instead shared with Joan that the last time she ran into Rihanna, it rubbed her the wrong way.

Now all celebs know that sharing how they really feel about another celebrity’s outfit, more less, real personality is a major no no! But Ci Ci broke that cardinal rule when she made these comments:

I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn’t the nicest. I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion and it’s crazy because I’ve run into her before but this time wasn’t the most pleasant run in”. Joan Rivers blatantly responded, “A b*tch! next”

The comment caused Rihanna fans to fire off angry comments at Ciara on twitter and word got back to Rihanna (who obviously didn’t watch the clip first), that Ciara said that she was a b*tch.


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Raz B Denies Starting Twitter Beef With Chris Brown

4 Jan

As fast as they came…they clicked ‘unfollow’ even faster. Raz B lost about 4,000 of his new Twitter followers the other day after he tweeted a message claiming that he never directly tweeted the message to Chris Brown that started their highly publicized Twitter beef.

Check out Raz’s comments:

I must be honest with everyone! Like I sent a message to @Chrisbrown I honestly never tweeted that message to Chris! I did say something along the line however my respect for chris I would never do him like that! That’s why I had to step up and make things right!

To add all these videos you see of my emotions I never posted them nor tagged them! People try real hard to tear you down! Look how the media try to do Chris! At the same time things shouldnt had been said! Its the people around me that started this! so please stop the hate mail.

Riiighht. Tick tock tick tock…Raz that’s the sound of your 15 minutes whinding down!

Video: Chris Brown Spoofs Ricky Romance’s Death Threats

3 Jan

So clearly Chris Brown didn’t take Ricky Romance seriously. Last week, Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) released a video warning Chris to stay away from L.A. after Breezy got involved with Raz in the infamous Twitter beef.

“If I see you in LA, my dude, I’m gonna put my muthaf*cking pistol down your throat. Make sure you keep those tweets to yourself and apologize. ….“[I will] smack you in your mouth, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b*tch.”

Oh Christopher…I have no words.

TMZ Calls Chris Brown’s Tweets Homophobic

30 Dec

Harvey Levin from TMZ is not letting Chris Brown slide. Levin slammed Brown for his involvement in the heated Twitter beef between Chris Brown and Raz B yesterday. It seems mainstream media is calling out Breezy and casting Raz as the “victim.”

I’m not so sure the situation is that black and white.

First of all, I’m not sure what some media outlets want or expect from Chris. Yes, the R&B singer had an incident that involved extreme anger, but is it realistic to expect him to NEVER get angry or mad again? Being a celebrity means that you have to keep it PC and hold your tongue despite how you feel and what others may say about you. That’s a price that comes with all the glitz and glam. But at what point does a celebrity say that’s enough?  I’m not taking sides, merely pointing out the facts. How many celebrities has Raz B harassed and verbally assaulted regarding these “molestation” allegations that no one seems to be able to confirm? You learn at an early age that if you keep picking fights someone will eventually step up to the challenge. I do believe that Breezy should have ignored Raz. But people (Harvey Levin) please don’t confuse a Twitter outburst with an extreme display of anger or violence. People seem very quick to judge others actions…I wonder what would turn up in Harvey’s closet if those TMZ lenses were turned on him? On that note, media lighten up on Breezy!

Second of all, somehow in this Twitter exchange Raz B became a “victim.” When did that happen? I find it very interesting that media outlets like TMZ are now jumping on the ‘Raz B is a victim’ band wagon once Chris Brown got involved. Everyone knows Raz was telling his molestation story to anyone that would listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that included TMZ…so why all the fuss now? I’m just saying.