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Keri Hilson Says She Just Wants To Be F*cked!

2 Dec

Keri Hilson stirred a quite controversy over her new video for “The Way You Love Me.” The sexually overt video continues to receive mixed reviews. There are some who applaud the female singer for smacking down the double standard. For instance, Raheem DeVaughn just released a sexually charged (too sexy for BET uncut) video, and no one is calling him a hoe. But others are telling Ms. Keri Baby, hoe sit down! Hilson recently caught up with Perez Hilton, the queen of all media, for an interview to explain the thought behind “The Way You Love Me.” But instead of trying to cool the mounting media frenzy Hilson just added fuel to the fire when the singer exclaimed that sometimes she “just wants to be f*cked!” Dang Keri, what happened to pretty girl rock? Check out the video from the interview here.