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Tiny Talks Honeymoon That Didn’t Happen and Groupies With Vibe

18 Feb

Without a doubt, Tiny is the ultimate ride or die chick. No matter what happens she stands by her husband, T.I. She recently down with Vibe.com to talk about the honeymoon she never had with T.I. and why she’s not worried about groupies who try to penetrate their relationship. Continue reading

T.I. Shares Why He Loves Tiny In A Letter For XXL

16 Feb

In the March 2011 issue of XXL Magazine, The King shares a few of the reasons why he is madly in love with his ride or die chick Tiny. Isn’t that precious! Keep in mind T.I. is in jail and dudes get a profound wisdom when behind bars…but nonetheless the love they have seems truly genuine and deep. Peep what The King had to say about his boo Tiny. Continue reading

Tiny’s Misdemeanor Drug Charge Dropped

6 Jan

Tiny might not be able to see her hubby the Kaaaang T.I. anytime soon, but at least she won’t have to worry about joining him. The misdemeanor drug charge against Tameka “Tiny” Harris has been dropped. The details still aren’t clear but her best friend, Shamra Rodriguez—who occasionally accompanied Tiny to Arkansas to visit T.I. in prison last year—just tweeted:

Congrats 2 my Sis @TinyMajorMama!! Her 1 California misdemeanor charge was dismissed today!! Yep she’s clear!!

Tiny, 35, and her husband T.I., 30, were arrested on drug possession charges after the Maybach they were riding in was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard in LA on September 1st. Police found several Ecstasy pills on the famous couple.

Shamra Rodriguez is the mom of two members of the OMG Girlz, Lourdes (Lolo) and Bahja. As you know, Tiny manages the OMG Girlz along with her partner Keisha Babi.

T.I. and Tiny ‘Get Busy’ In Prison…and Get Caught

6 Jan

Why can’t Tiny and T.I. beat it like Michael Jackson? According to TMZ, rapper T.I. got in serious trouble with prison officials this weekend—after guards caught T.I.’s wife Tiny giving her man a hand (I don’t mean round of applause) during visiting hours.

 Tiny confirms the two were in a room together during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison, and that’s when the visit got a lil frisky.

According to prison guidelines, inmates are allowed to kiss and embrace at the beginning and at the end of a visit as well as hold hands — but “the inmate’s hands must remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times.”

Tiny says T.I. was immediately reprimanded and sent to a “Special Housing Unit” — which consists of more security and less freedom.

She hasn’t spoken to T.I. since the incident — but she’s hopeful she’ll be allowed to visit again soon. Just remember to keep your hand to yourself Tiny!

Even though this story is crazy, I do love how these two truly ride out for each other, hand jobs in jail and all. They definitely are the reigning Bonnie and Clyde…not sure there’s much competition for that title tho.

Gucci Mane Ordered To Spend 30 Days In Rehab

4 Jan

Gucci Mane is about to follow in the footsteps of T.I…

The Southern rapper was ordered by a judge in court today to spend 30 days in a medical treatment center until his next hearing.

 “The court ordered Mr. Davis into treatment of a medical treatment facility, pending a revocation hearing later this month.” Gucci’s lawyer, Michael Holmes told XXL.

During the hearing, Gucci was also informed that he will more than likely be sentenced to 17 months in jail for violating the terms of his probation back in November.

His next court date is at the end of the month. Why are so many rappers hopping on the merry-go-round of court dates and jail? Let’s hope Gucci, T.I. and DMX can somehow get their lives back on track, and not for their fans or rap music, but more importantly for themselves and their families.

T.I. “Castle Walls” ft. Christiana Aguilera Trailer

3 Dec

T.I.’s album, No Mercy, drops in 5 days. The King of the South’s 7th studio album is set to be released on December 7. Guest artists include Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Chris Brown, Eminem and more. The tracks were selected from 80 songs recorded by the rapper after his release from prison to an Atlanta halfway house in December 2009. According to Sandra Rose, a source close to T.I.’s camp says the father of 5 is taking his imprisonment very hard. She reports that T.I. keeps in constant daily contact with his family and staff of his Grand Hustle Records via phone calls and emails. His wife, Tameka Harris, visits him twice weekly as opposed to once a week like she did last year when he was locked up at the same Arkansas correctional institution. In almost every communication with his camp, T.I. expresses deep sorrow and regret for any inconvenience his actions has caused them.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, T.I.’s release date is 09-17-2011.

You can write to him at the following address:

Clifford Harris Jr.
FCI Forrest City Low
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 9000
Forrest City, AR 72336

Craziest Celebrity Criminals

23 Nov

Thanks to TMZ for the pic

According to TMZ, an actor who played bit parts in “Ugly Betty” and “Step Up 3D” was taken into police custody in Brooklyn fo allegedly killing his mother with a 3-foot long samurai sword while screaming biblical passages. TMZ report that small time actor, Micahel L. Brea, sliced his mother’s head off during the attack. When cops arrived to the scene around 2:20 AM, officers say Brea was clutching the bible. Cops ultimately had to use a taser to subdue the actor. Brea was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation with a police escort. Brea has not been formally arrested or charged yet. Brea is not the only celebrity to committ a criminal act, here is a list of the craziest celebrity criminals. Continue reading