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Ricky Romance Issues Apology But You’ll Need a Dictionary!

13 Jan

Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) finally issued an apology for threatening Chris Brown’s life and saying he would “put a pistol in his mouth” on Twitter. But this isn’t your typical celebrity apology. If you wanna understand this ‘I’m sorry note’ hope you have a copy of Webster’s dictionary handy! Dude used words like “fallcailoquences” and “nanocephalous”—words I have never even heard and had to Google to make sure they were legit.

Peep his “apology” in full: Continue reading

Video: Chris Brown Spoofs Ricky Romance’s Death Threats

3 Jan

So clearly Chris Brown didn’t take Ricky Romance seriously. Last week, Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) released a video warning Chris to stay away from L.A. after Breezy got involved with Raz in the infamous Twitter beef.

“If I see you in LA, my dude, I’m gonna put my muthaf*cking pistol down your throat. Make sure you keep those tweets to yourself and apologize. ….“[I will] smack you in your mouth, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b*tch.”

Oh Christopher…I have no words.