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Ricky Romance Issues Apology But You’ll Need a Dictionary!

13 Jan

Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) finally issued an apology for threatening Chris Brown’s life and saying he would “put a pistol in his mouth” on Twitter. But this isn’t your typical celebrity apology. If you wanna understand this ‘I’m sorry note’ hope you have a copy of Webster’s dictionary handy! Dude used words like “fallcailoquences” and “nanocephalous”—words I have never even heard and had to Google to make sure they were legit.

Peep his “apology” in full: Continue reading

Hollywood TV Accuses Chris Brown of Assaulting Camera

13 Jan

Via Hollywood TV

Departing My Studio with his wannabe gangsta entourage, convicted felon Chris Brown demonstrates for us once again he requires additional anger management classes, as well as some more general character evolution.

Asked by a paparazzi about his recent altercation with Raz B, after which Chris allegedly sent his bodyguards after the star instead of dealing with his issues himself, he actually strikes the paparazzo’s camera. Hey, don’t you realize you’re on probation, fool? Wanna go back to the slammer? Moments later, one of his groupies threatens to break a photographer’s camera.

Another pap asks what his beef is with Raz-B, and Brown blabbers out, “Y’all niggaz are queenies,” prompting yet another photographer to question if Brown also issues with the gay community.

We’re not sure, but if Mr. Chris winds up violently attacking someone else (maybe someone who’s not female, this time?), we won’t be surprised.

Now I’m really starting to think the media is out to get Chris. He barely swiped the camera and for the record, I heard “weenies” not “queenies” as Hollywood TV stated. The obvious Breezy hate will only fuel his fan base…#Team Breezy stad up.

Omarion Shuts Down Bi-sexual Rumors

10 Jan

These ex B2K boys always seem to find themselves in the news but for the wrong reasons…

The latest scandal involves Omarion, who coincidentally co-signed for Chris Brown during his twitter beef with Raz B a few weeks ago. While he was in Japan this weekend, someone sent out a press release via the website “PRLOG” with an alleged statement from Omarion claiming that he was “bi-sexual.” Now Omarion has faced questions about his sexuality but this certainly takes the cake! The statement read:

Twitter was set a blaze on January 6th when The H8terade Blog announced that R&B singer Omarion was gay. Today Omarion, 26, made his only official statement.

“I pride myself in being an honest, God Fearing, respectful man. I have kept my personal life private and wanted to keep it that way. Unfortunately, other’s are interested in profiting from my anguish; so before they can do that, i will clarify things. I am not at all what certain ex-band members are trying to paint me as, I am however a respectable, mature, proud, bisexual man.” Continue reading

Raz B Denies Starting Twitter Beef With Chris Brown

4 Jan

As fast as they came…they clicked ‘unfollow’ even faster. Raz B lost about 4,000 of his new Twitter followers the other day after he tweeted a message claiming that he never directly tweeted the message to Chris Brown that started their highly publicized Twitter beef.

Check out Raz’s comments:

I must be honest with everyone! Like I sent a message to @Chrisbrown I honestly never tweeted that message to Chris! I did say something along the line however my respect for chris I would never do him like that! That’s why I had to step up and make things right!

To add all these videos you see of my emotions I never posted them nor tagged them! People try real hard to tear you down! Look how the media try to do Chris! At the same time things shouldnt had been said! Its the people around me that started this! so please stop the hate mail.

Riiighht. Tick tock tick tock…Raz that’s the sound of your 15 minutes whinding down!

Video: Chris Brown Spoofs Ricky Romance’s Death Threats

3 Jan

So clearly Chris Brown didn’t take Ricky Romance seriously. Last week, Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) released a video warning Chris to stay away from L.A. after Breezy got involved with Raz in the infamous Twitter beef.

“If I see you in LA, my dude, I’m gonna put my muthaf*cking pistol down your throat. Make sure you keep those tweets to yourself and apologize. ….“[I will] smack you in your mouth, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b*tch.”

Oh Christopher…I have no words.

TMZ Calls Chris Brown’s Tweets Homophobic

30 Dec

Harvey Levin from TMZ is not letting Chris Brown slide. Levin slammed Brown for his involvement in the heated Twitter beef between Chris Brown and Raz B yesterday. It seems mainstream media is calling out Breezy and casting Raz as the “victim.”

I’m not so sure the situation is that black and white.

First of all, I’m not sure what some media outlets want or expect from Chris. Yes, the R&B singer had an incident that involved extreme anger, but is it realistic to expect him to NEVER get angry or mad again? Being a celebrity means that you have to keep it PC and hold your tongue despite how you feel and what others may say about you. That’s a price that comes with all the glitz and glam. But at what point does a celebrity say that’s enough?  I’m not taking sides, merely pointing out the facts. How many celebrities has Raz B harassed and verbally assaulted regarding these “molestation” allegations that no one seems to be able to confirm? You learn at an early age that if you keep picking fights someone will eventually step up to the challenge. I do believe that Breezy should have ignored Raz. But people (Harvey Levin) please don’t confuse a Twitter outburst with an extreme display of anger or violence. People seem very quick to judge others actions…I wonder what would turn up in Harvey’s closet if those TMZ lenses were turned on him? On that note, media lighten up on Breezy!

Second of all, somehow in this Twitter exchange Raz B became a “victim.” When did that happen? I find it very interesting that media outlets like TMZ are now jumping on the ‘Raz B is a victim’ band wagon once Chris Brown got involved. Everyone knows Raz was telling his molestation story to anyone that would listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that included TMZ…so why all the fuss now? I’m just saying.

Chris Brown and Raz B Go At It On Twitter!

30 Dec

Chris Brown and Raz B definitely GOT IT IN on Twitter after the former B2K member decided throw a couple disrespectful comments at Breezy.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Raz B, in another one of his attention grabbing attempts decided to publicly profess his love for Rihanna and simultaneously throw shade at Chris Brown. But unlike some of the other R&B artists who have clammed up to Raz B’s pressure, Breezy wasn’t having it! The “Yeah 3X” singer came back at the B2K reject with a series of  his own tweets. Get ya’lls popcorn…this Twitter beef was good!

Things got so heated outsiders started chiming in, including Omarion and Raz B’s older brother Ricky Romance. But notice how Omarion doesn’t @ anybody specifically! Lol Check a few of the tweets here. Continue reading