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Penitentiary Photoshoot..20 GLAMOUR “Mug” SHOTS

1 Dec

There’s nothing glamorous about getting a mug shot taken. Actually, it is presumably the opposite. Getting a mug shot taken should be a moment of extreme embarrassment and often, the person’s ugliest moment. But this is not the case for Kaylin Ransom. I came across this story on Crunk & Disorderly and have to share it. According to C&D, Ransom must serve a unique 90-day weekend only sentence, but instead of dreading her mug shots, Ransom took it as a photo-op! Check for the entire story and more pictures here. Can ya’ll say cheeeessssee!

TI on the Cover of VIBE Talking About Drugs, Eminem and Much More

22 Nov

Before turning himself in to federal prison, TI sat down with VIBE Magazine to give an interview. The King of the South covers the December issue of VIBE Magazine, and VIBE.com psoted snippets of the interview. TI talks about his treatment from other people, how he acquired a drug habit and how opened up to Eminem about it all. Check out parts of the interview! Continue reading