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MaShonda Says Ex-Hubby Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys Are A Happy Blended Family

7 Mar

The soap opera-like love triangle between MaShonda, her ex-husband Swizz Beats and his new wife Alicia Keys was dragged out in the media for almost a year. But it seems like the group has come to a civil resolution. With her new reality show debuting in 2 weeks, MaShonda recently penned an open letter on her website revealing that amends have been made and she has now accepted her “beautiful blended family.”

As I reflect on my life, I realize how truly blessed I am. Not only am I the proud mother of my 4-year son Kasseem, I also now have a beautiful blended family to share in his love, development and overall health as a young man.

As we grow and mature as women, even through break-ups and sometimes divorce, we realize that none of these things compare to the love we have for our children. As a mother, Kasseem’s happiness is the single most important thing in my life. It took some time, but I now realize that even my former husband and his new wife, Continue reading