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Lil Kim TalkNext Studio Album, Offers From Jay-Z, Appearing On Dr. Dre’s “Detox” & More!

24 Feb

Lil Kim holds nothing back in her recent interview with Rap-Up.

The Queen Bee chops it up about her  upcoming album, working with Dr. Dre, getting offers from Jay-Z and more.

Now that your mixtape Black Friday is out, when are we going to get the next studio album?
I’m always working. You’re gonna always hear music from me. I can honestly say I’m so proud of the body of work that I’ve been producing. It’s a new sound for me, something that I think my fans are gonna love and I’m excited about the new direction. I’m basically always working. You’re gonna always hear music from me, but you’re gonna have that coming right after [the mixtape]. We got some surprises and some treats.

Do you have an album title yet?
I have a few, but I really don’t want to mention them now.

Is it going to be more like the Hard Core days or will we see the pop side of Kim?
You’re gonna get a mixture. There’s no way to just go straight Hard Core. I’m not one of those artists that say, “OK, I’m in a Hard Core mood, so everything’s gonna be Hard Core.” I’m not one of those artists. I don’t live my life like that. I don’t wake up every day and feel that same feeling. I live by the nature really. There are artists who will take a certain concept and go with that concept through the whole album; I’m not like that. I’m an artist who likes for everything to be universal. Continue reading

Lil Kim Release “Black Friday” Official Video

18 Feb

Lil Kim has finally dropped the video for her “Black Friday” diss track against her arch nemesis Nicki Minaj.

Everybody is throwing shade at Lil Kim for refusing to let up on her beef with Nicki, but I think it’s good for femcees and the female rap game. It’s not like Trina or Eve are doing anything worth mentioning…

Kim also took to Twitter to thank for fans for buying more than 100k of her “Black Friday” mixtape.

That’s an amazing feat, especially considering no one is buying records these days (please refer to Ciara & Soulja Boy for further analysis).

Now, I’m all for the Lil Kim-Nicki Minaj beef but I’m gonna need to see some receipts on this one.


Lil Kim Denies Making Diss Record With Mary J. Blige

4 Jan

So Lil Kim may actually have some sense! The Queen Bee decided against working with Mary J. Blige on a diss track going at Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole. Even though she announced the possibility of the project on New Year’s Eve, the self proclaimed Queen of Hip Hop issued a press release denying that she will be making such record.

See what Kim had to say below:

Contrary to circulating reports, Hip-hop Icon Lil’ Kim will not be releasing a diss record with Mary J. Blige. Rumors began circulating after a live videostream of Lil’ Kim’s New Years’ Eve performance re-aired show footage. During the performance, Lil’ Kim spoke out about how she felt about Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj’s song ‘I Aint Thru.’ She did not insinuate a collaborative diss record. There will be no “diss” track.

Now you know Kim would’ve went full steam ahead but Mary probably pumped her breaks. Mary help Kim understand your mantra “No more drama.” Please and thanks!

Best Hip Hop Beef Tracks

29 Nov

On Friday (November 26), Lil’ Kim aimed a vicious dis track entitled “Black Friday” at Nicki Minaj during the release week of Barbie’s much-anticipated Pink Friday album. In addition to Minaj, Kim’s song, recorded over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says” beat, also stung Young Money affiliate Drake, Lil Wayne, one-time mentor and friend Diddy as well as her rival Foxy Brown (“This the s–t the other bitch almost got killed for”). On the other hand, the Queen Bee gives props to the man responsible for starting Nicki’s career; Barbie’s one-time manager Fendi, who initially introduced her to the rap game through his “On The Come Up” DVDs. Lil’ Kim’s scathing response to Nicki’s “Roman’s Revenge” was definitely has hip-hop fans buzzing. The Queen B’s dis track is certainly brutal, but does it fall on the list of the best hip hop beef tracks of all time? Continue reading