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Amber Rose’s Nipple Rings

31 Mar

Amber Rose sisn’t a real celebrity  but she sure knows how to keep us talking! If boo lovin’ down the red carpet with Wiz Khalifa wasn’t enough, how about showing off her nippple hardware?

VIDEO: Ace Hood “Hustle Hard”

27 Mar

Ace Hood, from the Island Def Jam Music Group,  presents a video for his hot hood anthem “Hustle Hard.” The gritty video illustrates the message of the song, that at no matter at what level, everybody has to grind and hustle.

Last Call Live “NFL Lockout”

27 Mar

Alexandra and her guest discuss the NFL Lockout and what that means to the 2011-2012 NFL season. Alexandra also dishes celebrity gossip on Usher, Dwayne Wade and Amber Rose.

SMH: Gucci Mane Gets Ice Cream Tattoo On His Face…Brrr

13 Jan

Gucci Mane’s latest tattoo only confirms that he really might be crazy. Of all things to put on your face…and he gets an ice cream tattoo? Coonery at it’s best. Tell Pookie and ’em to come get their cousin!

Britney Spears Has An UnbeWEAVably Bad Hair Day

12 Jan

Britney Spears was seen leaving the Ida Dance Studio in Hollywood…looking a hot mess!

The pop star’s song “Hold It Against Me”, which was officially released on iTunes this week, currently holds the 2nd position on the charts. But if you’re on the brink of a major comeback, why in the world would you walk around with your tracks exposed Ms. Spears??? I’d rather her rock Brandy’s lace fronts than be seen in public like that.

SMH: Omarion Outed By Cousin On Facebook

12 Jan

Omarion and his team have been working in overdrive to quiet the rumors about his alleged sexual interest in men. Omarion has been outed numerous times, most notably by Raz B and the ‘mysterious’ press release. But now the R&B singer is being outed by his own family? And on Facebook no less?

Remember Tajah Burton, the upcoming author of the book “Low Down Dirty Shame,” who wrote about men in the industry who are secretly gay? Well, following an interview, Omarion’s cousin/manager, Toni, decided to do a little pre-disaster damage control. You can read the Facebook conversation here.

If  Omarion’s not gay why would his cousin even think he would be in the book? Omarion all you gotta do is turn and push…that closet door will open up, I promise!