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Bow Wow Talks Cash Money, Nicki Minaj And Being Underrated

8 Mar

Bow Wow recently stopped by MTV’s The Wrap Up while promoting for his “Underrated” European Tour. During the interview, he shared his thoughts on the Cash Money label, Nicki Minaj’s audition for the film “Lottery Ticket” and being underrated.

I’m Cash Money, but you know we’re all under the same umbrella. It’s all the same thing we screaming out, ‘YMCMB.’ We’re all under one umbrella and that’s what it is, we all fit together well because we’re all so different. Nicki is the first female rapper on the label, Drake is the new artist and you’ve got Wayne, he’s a rock star. Then myself, I’m like the triple threat. I do the movies; I do the music, so we all contribute off of each other. I can open up doors in Hollywood for my team mates and just try to make things easier for them. Nicki wants to do movies; she was supposed to be in ‘Lottery Ticket’, a lot of people didn’t know that. She actually auditioned; I set it up and everything. So that’s just the power that I have, that’s what I can do, so it’s really all about just helping each other. Continue reading