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Natalie Nunn Talks About Upcoming Book & Amber Rose

31 Jan

I swear, anybody can get a book deal these days…Natalie Nunn joins reality stars like Snooki, Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes and will be coming out with a book.

Natalie Nunn is the latest to get a book publishing deal. The BDGC vet recently sat down with Vibe.com to talk about the upcoming book, “how much of a sh*t starter” it will be and why Kanye’s ex girl Amber Rose is nothing more than a “bopper.”

I don’t need to fight her. She’s a bop! She’s boppin’ right now. And if you don’t know the definition of a bop, it’s a hoe. Because at the end of the day, you know that I was laid up, kickin it with Wiz for well over month. For two months I had taken time out to hang out and get to know him. Just because we were hanging out doesn’t mean somebody’s fucking. No.

Now wait a sec Nat, you did get caught bopping with Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson…yep that’s you! Don’t throw shade because Amber Rose just might be better at it than you.  

To read the FULL article, check it out HERE


Jay-Z Packs New York Library And Discusses ‘Decoded’

16 Nov

Superstar Rapper Jay-Z Promoted His New Book To A Sold Out Crowd Monday Night


Monday night, Jay-Z was at the New York Public Library promoting his new book ‘Decoded,’ which hit bookshelves today.  Jay received a warm reception from the audience as he talked about his life and literary debut. He entertained the crowd with stories about his parent’s breakup, his family’s record collection, discovering rap music and making his on way through the music industry. Jay also broke down specific lyrics to offer a better understanding of what his words really mean. Specifically, he explained the meaning of the song ’99 Problems.’ Too bad he didn’t dish any dirt on the Beyonce pregnancy rumors. Jay fielded questions from Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West and Paul Holdengraber, the Director of Public Programs at the NYPL, on the contents of the book.   West even went as far to declare Hov “a great major poet.” Jay also acknowledged Oprah Winfrey as a major inspiration for him writing the book. He described a conversation where he and Oprah discussed the “N’ word, and although they didn’t see eye-to-eye, Jay said both came away from the table thinking they shared more in common than each originally thought. Jay’s openness and even comedic nature gave fans a glimpse of the that is rarely revealed to the public. I suggest you go out a get a copy of ‘Decoded’ ASAP before the Illuminati snatch it off the shelves.