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Chris Brown Fans Get Mad At Trey Songz

21 Mar

Everyone knows that Chris Brown #Teambreezy are the most die-hard fan base out there. And their status as the most loyal fans was reconfirmed last night. Team Breezy was in full attack once Trey Songz tweeted something they perceived as a subliminal diss to Chris Brown.

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Bill Cosby Tells Russell Simmons “Get the F*ck Out of My Face”

17 Mar

Remember the beef between Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons and legendary comedian Bill Cosby? Well the drama heated up again this weekend at the Jackie Robinson Annual Awards dinner. Back in 2009, a feud started between the two when Simmons gave his opinion of Cosby’s “State of Emergency” project. Back then, Russ openly expressed that he felt as though Bill Cosby was too judgmental of black folks, especially rappers. According to Russell’s recent blog on Global Grind, when he ran into Bill at the dinner this past weekend, he tried to apologize to the comedian but things definitely didn’t so pleasant.

I wanted to find him to apologize, to tell him I was sorry about my statements and to tell him that I loved him. Suddenly I turned and he was behind the curtain and I said “I love you” and he responded on some real hip-hop, “Get the f*ck out my face! Continue reading

Snooki Fires Back At Ne-Yo’s Comments on Her Rolling Stone Cover

16 Mar

Last week, Ne-Yo vented his frustrations on Twitter after Rolling Stone featured ‘Jersey Shore’ reality star, Snooki, on the cover of its magazine. Snooki responded to Ne-Yo’s comments to US Magazine:

“I was just really upset. I’m a big fan of Ne-Yo. Every song was on my iPod and I deleted them yesterday just because of his comments. Why do you hate me? Continue reading

Dr. Dre Responds to 50 Cent

18 Feb

As a previously reported, rapper 50 Cent made assertions on Twitter that friends Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine were upset that 50 is launching a headphone line that would be in direct competition with Dre’s Beats headphones.

A paparazzi photographer caught up with Dre and asked him what everyone was dying to know:

Photog: Dre, Did you hear about this 50 Cent tweeting thing? He says that you and Jimmy Iovine are upset at him. Is that true?

Dre: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Photog: He tweeted that you guys are upset that he’s coming out with headphones.

Dre: Is he? I never heard of his headphones.

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Lil Kim Release “Black Friday” Official Video

18 Feb

Lil Kim has finally dropped the video for her “Black Friday” diss track against her arch nemesis Nicki Minaj.

Everybody is throwing shade at Lil Kim for refusing to let up on her beef with Nicki, but I think it’s good for femcees and the female rap game. It’s not like Trina or Eve are doing anything worth mentioning…

Kim also took to Twitter to thank for fans for buying more than 100k of her “Black Friday” mixtape.

That’s an amazing feat, especially considering no one is buying records these days (please refer to Ciara & Soulja Boy for further analysis).

Now, I’m all for the Lil Kim-Nicki Minaj beef but I’m gonna need to see some receipts on this one.


Not So Subliminal Tweets By Ciara and 50 Cent

30 Jan

I guess Ciara tried to throw some subliminal shade towards 50 Cent and Fif just wasn’t having it….wonder what’s the beef for?

Lil Kim Denies Making Diss Record With Mary J. Blige

4 Jan

So Lil Kim may actually have some sense! The Queen Bee decided against working with Mary J. Blige on a diss track going at Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole. Even though she announced the possibility of the project on New Year’s Eve, the self proclaimed Queen of Hip Hop issued a press release denying that she will be making such record.

See what Kim had to say below:

Contrary to circulating reports, Hip-hop Icon Lil’ Kim will not be releasing a diss record with Mary J. Blige. Rumors began circulating after a live videostream of Lil’ Kim’s New Years’ Eve performance re-aired show footage. During the performance, Lil’ Kim spoke out about how she felt about Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj’s song ‘I Aint Thru.’ She did not insinuate a collaborative diss record. There will be no “diss” track.

Now you know Kim would’ve went full steam ahead but Mary probably pumped her breaks. Mary help Kim understand your mantra “No more drama.” Please and thanks!