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Chad Ochocinco Has a Girlfriend…Not Evelyn Lozada…and She’s Pregnant?

15 Feb

So apparently, NFL star Chad Ochocinco has a young girlfriend that’s 3 months pregnant!

Awhile back Sandra Rose reported Chad had a girlfriend (not Evelyn Lozada) that he was seen frequently with in Atlanta. Well this ‘girlfriend’ surfaced this morning as a guest on Miss Jones’ shown on Philly’s Power 99 radio station, and she’s allegedly 3 months pregnant.

I can’t confirm whether the woman on Jonesy’s show is actually Chad’s girlfriend. But I do no Miss Jones is a very credible radio show, and Jonesy wouldn’t risk lookin’ like booboo the fool if she didn’t think this girl was halfway legit.

Does this mean that the relationship between Chad and ‘Basketball Wives‘ cast member Evelyn Lozada, was manufactured for TV? If so…talk about desperate.

 When more details surface I’ll def fill ya’ll in!

Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams Finally Ready For Divorce

9 Feb

Jennifer Williams, *who is one of the only real “wives” on VH1’s hit TV series Basketball Wives* says she’s finally ready to file for divorce. In an exclusive interview with Life and Style, Jennifer reveals that she is ready to get Eric to sign those papers but has yet to file.

I plan on filing for divorce in the next couple of weeks. It’s a new year and I just want to put this behind me. He doesn’t know exactly when I’m going to do it. He’s just waiting for me to pull the trigger.

Jennifer says that even though the marriage was going sour she still wanted to work it out

I really wanted it to work and believed he would change. This whole lifestyle is dysfunctional; it’s not a typical marriage. The bad just started to outweigh the good.

When asked about Eric’s love child she responded:

I wasn’t distraught about it, but I really felt bad for the child.

I don’t get Eric or Jennifer, both say that they are ready to move on but neither has filed for the divorce yet…what are they waiting for? Eric already told her she could have half, and it’s not like he’s getting any richer. Canseh just get on with it!

Suzie Ketcham Won’t Return for Season 3 of “Basketball Wives”

7 Feb

Suzie Ketcham – one of the stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” – won’t be returning for a third season … because according to TMZ, she just couldn’t handle life in the spotlight.

A source close to the production, shooting the show was draining and Suzie “couldn’t take the heat” as a reality star anymore — so Season 2 will be her last.

And the random people constantly trash-talking about her on Twitter didn’t help either. It was also reported that by the end of the last season, all the cyber-hate was beginning to take its toll on Suzie.

I’m hiding from her co-star Evelyn is also draining!  Hollywood ain’t for everybody.

Jennifer Williams’ Nude Pics Leaked

7 Jan

Go on ahead and add Jennifer Williams to the ever-growing list of celebs with nude pics floating around the Internet! I guess Jennifer saw if work for her castmate Evelyn…the future Mrs. Ochocino…right?

Williams, who stars as the estranged wife of Eric Williams in the hit VH1 reality series “Basketball Wives” took a set of all-out nude pics (for someone special, perhaps?)….and now, those pics have leaked.

Gilbert Arenas Dips On Fiance Laura Govan And Family

29 Dec

According to the Washington Post, Gilbert Arenas was recently traded to Orlando and hopped on the first thing smoking out of D.C. His fiancé’s publicist says that Laura Govan hasn’t heard from Gilbert the entire month of December and he left her and the kids with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts. “The children feel like they have been abandoned” as Gilbert has cut off all funds and communication.         

You know Jennifer and Evenlyn are somewhere laughing their ENTIRE asses off! Continue reading

Shaunie O’Neal Says She’s Got Her Own

13 Dec

Shaunie O’Neal is showing Shaq that she is truly bad all by herself! Shaunie, a.k.a Head Basketball Wife In Charge, is sharing about her life in a new blog for Uptown Magazine. She talks about how she is creating her own legacy through an empire that includes Basketball Wives, Football Wives¸ and a book targeted towards women experiencing a divorce. Here’s a few excerpts:

On her marriage to Shaquille O’Neal
I was married to a very well-known NBA player, whose whole world I became totally engrossed in, and somehow, along the way, I lost myself. Don’t get me wrong. I was more than happy being a supportive wife and mother, but there was a part of me that was itching to create my own identity and leave a legacy for my children.

On Moving On
I’m dating someone special and have found it to be extremely helpful in the rebuilding process. The worst thing I could do is believe that because I’m divorced I’m not desirable or because I’m divorced I’ll never find love again.

Gloria Govan Dishes About Her Return to Bball Wives and Matt Barnes’ Domestic Violence Arrest

2 Dec

VH1 Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine for an interview that will be featured in the December 2010 issue. In the interview Govan explains why she decided to return to the VH1 hit reality show despite the criticism and scrutiny her and husband, Matt Barnes, received from other cast mates. She also talks about the alleged domestic violence altercation between her and Matt, which led to Barnes being arrested by police on suspicion of domestic violence.  Read the excerpts from the interview. Continue reading

Chad Ochocinco Proposes to ‘Basketball Wife’ Evelyn Lozada

17 Nov

Evelyn Lozada Flaunts 10-carat Ring

Looks like Evelyn Lozada, one of the stars from VH1’s hit TV series ‘Basketball Wives,’ will need to switch shows. Now that she is the future Mrs. Ochocinco, Evenly may need to start making friends with the women on ‘Football Wives.’ It was reported by TMZ that Chad Ochocinco proposed to Evelyn today and presented her with a 10-carat engagement ring. TMZ reports that Chad proposed to his girlfriend of 4 months  in Cinicinatti after she flew in from Miami to visit him. Obviously, Evelyn said yes. She tweeted a picture of the gigantic rock and said: “I’m no rabbit but 10 carats looks good on me!! Let the hating begin.”  There are also rumors circulating that Lozada might be pregnant, but we’ll have to wait and see for that one!