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Video: Chris Brown Spoofs Ricky Romance’s Death Threats

3 Jan

So clearly Chris Brown didn’t take Ricky Romance seriously. Last week, Ricky Romance (Raz B’s brother) released a video warning Chris to stay away from L.A. after Breezy got involved with Raz in the infamous Twitter beef.

“If I see you in LA, my dude, I’m gonna put my muthaf*cking pistol down your throat. Make sure you keep those tweets to yourself and apologize. ….“[I will] smack you in your mouth, drag you down the street and treat you like a little b*tch.”

Oh Christopher…I have no words.


2 Dec

Yung-C is an up and coming artist from Ohio. His song “She The Truth” took Ohio airwaves by storm and even got attention from So So Def ceo Jermain Dupri. Learn more about the newest rapper on the Ohio scene!

What’s your real name?

My name is Chris Lee, but I go by Yung-C.

How did you get your rap name?

My older brother used to always call me Yung-C growing up, so when I decided to start making music I stuck with it.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 19 years old. I’m from Toledo, OH.

When did you start making music?

I started making music 2 years ago. Everybody I hang with was always involved with music. My brother, J-High, actually had his own studio, so one time when he fell asleep I decided to make a song. When my brother heard it, he thought it was hot and that’s how my career started. Continue reading

UP-AND-COMER: Daraja Hakizimana

17 Nov

Hot New Artist Daraja Hakizimana

Daraja Hakizimana is an up-and-coming Houston artist.  He was born and raised in the south side of Houston, TX. The artist was given the name Daraja Hakizimana, as a right of passage,  by the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the Houston branch of The Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church. Daraja’s music is as equally unique as his name! Check out the interview:

How long have you been making music?

D.H.- “I’ve been making music since I got out of high school. I was influenced by many different artists like: Paul Hardcastle, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci and Sam Cooke. I came out around 2000 when artists still had to promote their music in the streets. I passed out flyers and pushed my music myself.”

How would you describe your music?

D.H.- “I think my music definitely has an electric, sexy sound. My music has a Paul Hardcastle feel to it. It’s very instrumental and very chill.”

Do you have that typical “Texas” sound?

 D.H.- “My music is totally different from the traditional Texas sound. That’s actually why getting my music heard in Texas has been such a slow process. I actually had to go to other places to get my music out.”

Who were some of your favorite artists to work with?

D.H.- “I really enjoyed working with the Coughee Brothaz, Devin the Dude, K-Rino and Scarface. I also do other projects like photography and had the chance to work with artists that way as well.”

What are some of the projects you’ve got coming up?

D.H.- “I got two major projects coming up, an album called ‘Electric Kusk’ as a solo artists and another album called ‘Cloud 9’ as a member of the group Club 803. ‘Electric Kush’ is Daraja of the Coughee Brothaz under the Devin the Dude formula, and ‘Cloud 9’ has a straight up R&B sound.”

Check out Daraja Hakizimana on his website: