Rick Ross Arrested

28 Mar

Rapper Rick Ross, real name William Roberts, found himself taking a picture I’m sure he’d like to pass on…a mug shot. Friday night, the rapper was busted in Louisiana for marijuana possession.

According to TMZ, it was reported that Ross was popped when officers claimed to have detected a strong odor of mary jane coming from his hotel room at the Shreveport Hilton. When they entered to investigate, the police found a gram of marijuana sitting out in plain view.

Ricky Rozay was released and performed and performed in Philly at the I Am Music Too Tour.

Coincidently,Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Peters was also in Shreveport when he was stopped by police for a loud music violation. When the cop asked the Eagles football star to turn down the music in his car, Peters refused and was arrested not only for the loud music, but for resisting an officer. It’s reported that Jason was asked numerous times to show his identification and refused to comply.

These two arrests are interesting, because Ross was in town to perform at an event where Jason was a celebrity guest.

Sounds like the Shreveport boys in blue had a big night!

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