Lala Vazquez Dishes On Carmelo’s Rumored Love Child & “Basketball Wives” With the Breakfast Club

25 Mar

LaLa Vazquez stopped by Power 105.1 for an interview with the Breakfast Club. During the interview she chopped it up about the rumors of Carmelo’s secret love child, Kim Kardashian’s singing ability, sending nude pictures and more! Check out excerpts of the interview.

On If she has issues with women throwing themselves at Carmelo since moving to New York
I mean when I had a regular boyfriend women were throwing themselves at him, it comes with the territory of having a man to begin with. What I do is I don’t entertain that, I have my own life and my own career that I give my time to so I don’t even think about that. Now if something was to come in my face and I have to deal with it, I won’t have a problem dealing with it.

On Rumors That Carmelo has an alleged love child
That story is laughable. Like anonymous emails sent [saying] that’s the reason why we moved to New York [and] I knew about it the whole time. Let me just tell you one thing, if I knew about a baby…first of all, what kind of women would it make me to say “hide your kid”? That’s just unbelievable, I would never do that. I don’t know if I would still be here right now if there was a secret baby so it would be a whole different story. You wouldn’t see me smiling and having a good time right now.

On joining the cast of Basketball Wives
That is not true. I’m not joining the cast. I was asked in the beginning when the show first started to be apart of it by Shaunie. You know after talking to them I just realized that’s not something that I want to do but I do think the show gives everybody what they want, which is entertainment and drama and its fun to watch. I’ve watched every episode; I enjoy it, the same with the new show “Love and Hip Hop.” I really like watching them, they’re really great shows. Just Basketball Wives doesn’t work for me.

On Kim Kardashian’s record
First of all, the record was done for charity so there has to be something said for someone of her caliber to do something like that for charity. Second of all, she admitted she was having a good time doing it, it’s not like she put the record out like “Yo, I’m going to be the next Beyonce’ or Mariah Carey.” It took guts to go in there and do that. I mean you got to give credit when credit is due, whether you like it or not. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but to go into a studio and record a record and you’re not known as a singer it take guts to me.

On if Ciara is dating Amar’e Stoudamire
That’s not true; she’s been coming to the games with me.

On Her Comments About Not Meeting the Other Wives Of The Knicks players on the “Wendy Williams Show”
In the Knicks defense, I found out there really aren’t any wives and I didn’t know that before. There are no wives but there are some girlfriends and fiancées that I’m starting to get to know and stuff like that which is really cool.

On if she’s sent nude pics
I think any woman that wants to keep her marriage spicy and going should send naked pictures to their husband or significant other.

Do you get nervous that one day those pictures would leak?
I’ve been trying to cut my head off more.

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