‘The View’ Discusses Chris Brown’s Outburst

23 Mar

Was Chris Brown’s Outburst at Good Morning America this morning all an act?

This was one of many points raised by the hosts on ‘The View’ yesterday while discussing Chris Brown’s incident on Good Morning American. Following the R&B singer’s abrupt exit from the studio he tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past sh*t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullsh*t!“. He later deleted it.

According to Joy Behar, some people are wondering if it’s all an act to create the same type of buzz as Charlie Sheen. Sherri Shepherd added in, that people aren’t going to let Chris pull a “Charlie Sheen” and Joy responded by saying, “He’s not worth what Charlie Sheen is to the network.”

Sherri Shephard also mentioned that someone backstage called Chris Brown a “thug” after the incident, meanwhile Charlie Sheen tore up a hotel room with his kids in the next room, allegedly held a knife to someone, etc and that word was never used to describe him.

I do think that there is a bias to African American celebrities who have violent outburst or commit crimes compared to White celebrities. Not that I condone Chris Brown’s behavior, but it is painfully evident that Chris Brown is crucified by the media for every misstep while the same media outlets hoist Charlie Scheen on a pedestal as “winning.” While Chris Brown did physically assault Rhianna, Charlie Scheen has an extensive history of violence against women that no one seems to bring in interviews or persistently question Scheen about.

Check out other thoughts from the ladies and video below:

“It saddens me because it’s a big setback from the progress he was trying to make.” – Sherri Shepherd

“Maybe he needs attention and he’s trying to revive his career” – Joy Behar

“It’s interesting because this is not the way, if I was trying to get attention [that I would do something like this]…because one of the things with his parole is to keep his nose clean. So something this violent seems to me it can be more of a setback because it could mean jail time. -Whoopi Goldberg

They also mentioned that they asked Chris Brown to come on the show and when they told them they would ask them a few questions about the Rhianna incident, his team said “no” to the interview.

Another interesting part of the story is that no one knows for sure who and how the window was broken. There is no proof that Chris broke the window, it’s all been an assumption.

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