Ne-Yo Fires Backup Dancers For Not Wanting To Perform In Japan

22 Mar

The Donald isn’t the only one saying “You’re Fired!” lately…Ne-Yo had to drop the F-bomb on a few of his backup dancers recently.  

According to published reports, the dancers didn’t want to travel to Japan where the singer has a series of concert dates lined up because they feared for their safety in the tsunami stricken country.

Ne-Yo’s manager informed the dancers that despite their safety concerns — specifically the threat of aftershocks and exposure to radiation — they were still going ahead with the Japan dates as scheduled. But four dancers decided not to make the trip to Japan. As a result, those dancers were told by the tour manager they were dropped from the rest of the tour, which ends in Korea on March 30th.

Ne-Yo has two more shows in Japan, March 22nd and 24th, with some proceeds from the shows going to victims of the earthquake.

Way to put your foot down Ne-Yo!

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