Chris Brown Fans Get Mad At Trey Songz

21 Mar

Everyone knows that Chris Brown #Teambreezy are the most die-hard fan base out there. And their status as the most loyal fans was reconfirmed last night. Team Breezy was in full attack once Trey Songz tweeted something they perceived as a subliminal diss to Chris Brown.

  Turns out that Trey Songz was responding to a tweet from a girl who believed it would be a good promotional tactic for the R&B singer to leak some nude pics or a sex tape. Trey would later send out two more tweets clarifying that he wasn’t trying to diss Chris Brown. The last tweet was retweeted by C Breezy, a sign that everything is cool between the two R&B singers and that it was safe for Team Breezy to back off!

Check out video of Chris Brown impersonating Trey Songz while visiting the Russ Parr Morning Show below:

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