Chris Brown Explains Nude Photo On Radio Show

17 Mar

Chris Brown has finally opened up about his nude photo that leaked on the Internet earlier this month. The R&B singer embarrassingly shared with Power 106’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood: that the pic was an out-of-the-shower shot and was taken for a girl

 “[It was] Definitely [for] a girl, definitely a girl. It was an out-the-shower shot. […] I’m comfortable with my body I don’t care about all of that.”

Chris went on to add that he was playing a video game when he got word the photo hit the web.

“I was just … playing a video game, and I was looking at Twitte and was like yeah!”

Ladies doesn’t Breezy look cute when he blushes…and he says when he took the pic he wasn’t “excited.” Something makes me actually believe him! Check out the clip of the interview:

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