Snooki Fires Back At Ne-Yo’s Comments on Her Rolling Stone Cover

16 Mar

Last week, Ne-Yo vented his frustrations on Twitter after Rolling Stone featured ‘Jersey Shore’ reality star, Snooki, on the cover of its magazine. Snooki responded to Ne-Yo’s comments to US Magazine:

“I was just really upset. I’m a big fan of Ne-Yo. Every song was on my iPod and I deleted them yesterday just because of his comments. Why do you hate me? I’m the nicest person ever. I understand you are a little mad cause your career is not up right now and I’m on the cover but you know what–like I’m a nice person and I deserve it, so get over it.”

As for Ne-Yo, he’s not retracting his comments. He spoke to E! News at the Battle L.A. premiere the other night, and told them:

“I don’t know her so I can’t disrespect her, but I feel like Rolling Stone is a music magazine, and for them to put her on the cover, it’s like, ‘Really?’”

It’s funny how Snooki says Ne-Yo’s career isn’t “up right now,” seeing as he’s starring in the new film Battle: L.A., working on a new album and producing his own animated series, ‘I Heart Tuesdays,’ for the Cartoon Network. And Snooki’s got it all figured out, fist pumping, drinking to oblivion and having sex at the Jersey Shore! Riighhtt.

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