Ciara Talks About Her Future and Letter On Facebook

23 Feb

On Saturday, Rap-Up TV caught up with Ciara at the 2 Kings Dinner to talk about her future plans and the letter she released last week, stating that she wanted to get released from her label.

On the Facebook letter
I guess the best thing for me to say is that letter was from my heart and it was from a real place. It was really about me talking to my fans and letting them know where I am and being real and honest. That was my reason for writing it. I just wanted to say what I felt, and God willing I believe everything is going to work itself out and fall in place like how it is suppose to, so right now I’m just enjoying myself.

I want my fans to know I did write my letter from a real place and I want my fans to know I’m enjoying myself and I think that’s important for them to know that I’m happy and I’m okay. I’m going to be going to South Africa and Australia in about a month and then I’ll also be going on a US tour of which I’m excited about. Cici is going to be grinding, it doesn’t stop, It never changes

On making more music
I can’t really say what exactly is going on. I do run into a lot of my friends in music that I have a lot of respect for and vice versa and we talk about working together. I’m not going to ever stop working on music, no matter what. .

On ‘Turn it Up’
I have to say your not going to be seeing a video for that but your going to see great things. Again, this is about my fans taking a journey with me. Like I wrote on Twitter, “I don’t know what my future holds, I don’t know every detail but I know it’s going to be great and I can feel it and that’s what I call faith and I have a tremendous amount of faith that God’s just going to work everything out. So, just get ready for the ride, its going to be a lot of fun stuff.

Check out the video:

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