Chris Brown Releases “Real Hip Hop Sh*t”

16 Feb

Chris Brown is definitely putting his bid in for the crown of “hardest working in hip hop and R&B.” He has been on a constant grind releasing music, videos, cover artwork and making appearances! And I’m not hating.  

Last Saturday Chris performed on Saturday Night Live, and just yesterday Chris gave the world a glimpse at his F.A.M.E. cover as well as the video for ‘Yesterday’ with Diddy/Dirty Money was released. But Breezy wasn’t done for the week. Today Chris released ‘Breezy…Real Hip Hop Sh*t,’ showcasing his rap skills.

I guess he’s sending a message to Trey Songz a.k.a “Trigga,” he ain’t the only R&B singer that can rap! Check out the video.

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