Chad Ochocinco Has a Girlfriend…Not Evelyn Lozada…and She’s Pregnant?

15 Feb

So apparently, NFL star Chad Ochocinco has a young girlfriend that’s 3 months pregnant!

Awhile back Sandra Rose reported Chad had a girlfriend (not Evelyn Lozada) that he was seen frequently with in Atlanta. Well this ‘girlfriend’ surfaced this morning as a guest on Miss Jones’ shown on Philly’s Power 99 radio station, and she’s allegedly 3 months pregnant.

I can’t confirm whether the woman on Jonesy’s show is actually Chad’s girlfriend. But I do no Miss Jones is a very credible radio show, and Jonesy wouldn’t risk lookin’ like booboo the fool if she didn’t think this girl was halfway legit.

Does this mean that the relationship between Chad and ‘Basketball Wives‘ cast member Evelyn Lozada, was manufactured for TV? If so…talk about desperate.

 When more details surface I’ll def fill ya’ll in!

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