Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams Finally Ready For Divorce

9 Feb

Jennifer Williams, *who is one of the only real “wives” on VH1’s hit TV series Basketball Wives* says she’s finally ready to file for divorce. In an exclusive interview with Life and Style, Jennifer reveals that she is ready to get Eric to sign those papers but has yet to file.

I plan on filing for divorce in the next couple of weeks. It’s a new year and I just want to put this behind me. He doesn’t know exactly when I’m going to do it. He’s just waiting for me to pull the trigger.

Jennifer says that even though the marriage was going sour she still wanted to work it out

I really wanted it to work and believed he would change. This whole lifestyle is dysfunctional; it’s not a typical marriage. The bad just started to outweigh the good.

When asked about Eric’s love child she responded:

I wasn’t distraught about it, but I really felt bad for the child.

I don’t get Eric or Jennifer, both say that they are ready to move on but neither has filed for the divorce yet…what are they waiting for? Eric already told her she could have half, and it’s not like he’s getting any richer. Canseh just get on with it!

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