Laura Govan Robs Gilbert Arenas’ Home?

26 Jan

So apparently the Gilbert and Laura soap opera isn’t over yet. New unconfirmed reports concerning Gilbert Arenas and his ex-fiance Laura (sister of “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan). Back in December, it was reported by the Washington  Post that Gilbert Arenas bounced on Laura and their three kids as soon as he was traded to Orlando, cutting off all communication and child support. He literally hopped on the first thing smokin’ out of D.C.

Now, Terez Owens (a sports gossip site) is claiming that Laura Goven recently robbed Gilbert’s Great Falls, VA home and took everything.

Now comes word from a source very close to Lauren, that she’s gone and done the unthinkable…She’s robbed his Great Falls, Virginia home, taking clothes, shoes, furniture, and even Gilbert’s fish tank and sharks (what?) Laura has repeatedly asked Gilbert for money several times over the last month unsuccessfully. Laura has also been threatening to go to the press over drug allegations involving Arenas dealing marijuana…Gilbert has yet to press charges and is trying to keep a lid on it. This doesn’t look to have a happy ending.

Ladies let this be a lesson to you…just because you have a successful man’s babies doesn’t mean you are magically set for life! I’m just sayin’

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