Steve Harvey’s Ex Wife Blasts Him About Cheating & Leaving Her With Nothing

25 Jan

Talk about when a woman’s fed up…

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary, to whom he was in a relationship with for 16 years (married 8 of those years), blasted the comedian in a series of revealing Youtube videos. In the videos Mary describes how Steve cheated on her for years, took her son away and eventually left her with nothing.

In the three-part video series on Youtube, Mary details how she found out about Steve’s mistress Marjorie (who he eventually married in 2007), how Steve turned her son against her and even had her evicted from their house. Mary also reveals how Steve has filed a lawsuit against her in Texas, claiming that she was the very reason Oprah didn’t give him his own TV Show on the OWN network.

You gotta wonder how Mary’s allegations will affect sales on Steve’s new relationship book “Straight Talk, No Chaser,” the follow-up to his best-selling book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.” Both books are targeted towards women, and naturally I expect women to sympathize with Mary.  

My question is, why did it take Mary so long to come forward? And how did she lose her son? Trust there are always two sides to every story…let’s just wait for the other half to come out.

Check the excerpts and videos below:

On How She Found Out About Marjorie (Steve Harvey’s Mistress Turned Wife)
There was a package that had come to the apartment. It was really supposed to go to our office but somehow it made it’s way to the building and the man gave it to me. The instant that I saw it, it had confidential scrawled all across the top of that envelope and I don’t know …..something just fell apart inside of me. So I stopped my hair dresser, took a break …I opened the package and I started to read this letter that was from this woman and she really started to go into detail about how long she had actually been in a relationship with my husband. When I first started to become aware that there were other people involved in my marriage, it was really hurtful to me because my marriage represented so much to me. It was my life. My children, my marriage, the fact that Steve and I literally came from nothing…I had worked hard. I had given it my all up to that point, to help make him successful.

When I think about how quickly he moved forward from me to Marjorie that was disturbing. With all the emails and text messages and the different things that I was finding out about, I thought the least he could do was make me whole at the end of it. He left. He just left and walked out the door. Once he realized that I was going to divorce him, he walked out the door. He had a shoulder bag and walked out the door. He went right to New York to our apartment that we had there, which I never got to see by the way. Then she joined him there…Marjorie joined him there.

Never an apology. Steve never said that he was sorry. He had our housekeeper pack his belongings up and forward those belongings to New York. After that, that was it.

On going to court
When it was time to go before the judge, Steve did not show up. I was there alone with his attorney, at least the attorney that was representing us. He did not show and the judge said, “Ok, you’re divorced.” That was that.

The not having closure was really devastating but on top of that, he took my Wynton from me. He turned my son against me. Had me evicted from my house ….thrown out. All the business, all the money, the cars at a moment when I was down and devastated. He manipulated the courts…everything against me. He went to court under oath and said that on his own he built this whole thing by himself. I just sat and the table and cried. I cried through the whole thing and I fell apart. I was crying, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t answer the questions they were asking me …I woke up and everything was gone.

On trying to move forward
It’s hard to put something behind you that keeps popping up in your life. When I seen the Essence magazine for January ’11 to keep seeing my name referenced when talking about his life that part I don’t understand, I really don’t. For as much as I tried to put all this behind me as I sit and talk and speak right now there’s a lawsuit that’s been filed against me in Texas because in Steve’s opinion I was responsible when Oprah did not give him a TV show. I’m being sued for that as I sit here on this sofa today. So as much as I’m trying to move forward, I keep getting pulled back into a situation I don’t want to be apart of. That is why I’m saying what I have to say.

On the lawsuit
He and his lawyer prepared a letter of apology. He was wanting me to sign off on this huge letter of apology saying whatever showed or appeared on the internet or whatever that is was my fault, my responsibility, he held up his bargain in the marriage on top of everything else. On top of losing everything my son, he wanted me to take the blame for it in writing.

Mary also has a letter that she opened from one of Steve’s alleged mistresses. Click here to read it. (sort of explicit)

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