Common and Serena Williams Engaged?

18 Jan

Is a secret wedding in the works for Common and Serena Williams? Rumors are buzzing that Common gave Serena Williams an engagement ring over the holidays.  To add to the speculation that they are engaged, Wendy Williams recently had Selita Ebanks on her show as a guest and she asked her if Common & Serena were engaged. Selita replied, “oh child, I’m the best friend and I wouldn’t be the best friend if I told you, so I don’t know”.  Wendy then told Selita, “You have to work on your deception skills because by not answering, we are going to assume it’s true”.

Selita of course laughed it off, Kanye shrugs  and responded, “You know, he’d be a very smart man if he married her.”

A rep for Serena has since released a statement claiming that the reports are false.

This interview does make you wonder tho…

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