Hollywood TV Accuses Chris Brown of Assaulting Camera

13 Jan

Via Hollywood TV

Departing My Studio with his wannabe gangsta entourage, convicted felon Chris Brown demonstrates for us once again he requires additional anger management classes, as well as some more general character evolution.

Asked by a paparazzi about his recent altercation with Raz B, after which Chris allegedly sent his bodyguards after the star instead of dealing with his issues himself, he actually strikes the paparazzo’s camera. Hey, don’t you realize you’re on probation, fool? Wanna go back to the slammer? Moments later, one of his groupies threatens to break a photographer’s camera.

Another pap asks what his beef is with Raz-B, and Brown blabbers out, “Y’all niggaz are queenies,” prompting yet another photographer to question if Brown also issues with the gay community.

We’re not sure, but if Mr. Chris winds up violently attacking someone else (maybe someone who’s not female, this time?), we won’t be surprised.

Now I’m really starting to think the media is out to get Chris. He barely swiped the camera and for the record, I heard “weenies” not “queenies” as Hollywood TV stated. The obvious Breezy hate will only fuel his fan base…#Team Breezy stad up.

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