TMZ Calls Chris Brown’s Tweets Homophobic

30 Dec

Harvey Levin from TMZ is not letting Chris Brown slide. Levin slammed Brown for his involvement in the heated Twitter beef between Chris Brown and Raz B yesterday. It seems mainstream media is calling out Breezy and casting Raz as the “victim.”

I’m not so sure the situation is that black and white.

First of all, I’m not sure what some media outlets want or expect from Chris. Yes, the R&B singer had an incident that involved extreme anger, but is it realistic to expect him to NEVER get angry or mad again? Being a celebrity means that you have to keep it PC and hold your tongue despite how you feel and what others may say about you. That’s a price that comes with all the glitz and glam. But at what point does a celebrity say that’s enough?  I’m not taking sides, merely pointing out the facts. How many celebrities has Raz B harassed and verbally assaulted regarding these “molestation” allegations that no one seems to be able to confirm? You learn at an early age that if you keep picking fights someone will eventually step up to the challenge. I do believe that Breezy should have ignored Raz. But people (Harvey Levin) please don’t confuse a Twitter outburst with an extreme display of anger or violence. People seem very quick to judge others actions…I wonder what would turn up in Harvey’s closet if those TMZ lenses were turned on him? On that note, media lighten up on Breezy!

Second of all, somehow in this Twitter exchange Raz B became a “victim.” When did that happen? I find it very interesting that media outlets like TMZ are now jumping on the ‘Raz B is a victim’ band wagon once Chris Brown got involved. Everyone knows Raz was telling his molestation story to anyone that would listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that included TMZ…so why all the fuss now? I’m just saying.

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