Chris Brown and Raz B Go At It On Twitter!

30 Dec

Chris Brown and Raz B definitely GOT IT IN on Twitter after the former B2K member decided throw a couple disrespectful comments at Breezy.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Raz B, in another one of his attention grabbing attempts decided to publicly profess his love for Rihanna and simultaneously throw shade at Chris Brown. But unlike some of the other R&B artists who have clammed up to Raz B’s pressure, Breezy wasn’t having it! The “Yeah 3X” singer came back at the B2K reject with a series of  his own tweets. Get ya’lls popcorn…this Twitter beef was good!

Things got so heated outsiders started chiming in, including Omarion and Raz B’s older brother Ricky Romance. But notice how Omarion doesn’t @ anybody specifically! Lol Check a few of the tweets here.

This is when Twitter goes terribly wrong!

for full screencaps of everyone’s tweets go here.

2 Responses to “Chris Brown and Raz B Go At It On Twitter!”


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    […] As fast as they came…they clicked ‘unfollow’ even faster. Raz B lost about 4,000 of his new Twitter followers the other day after he tweeted a message claiming that he never directly tweeted the message to Chris Brown that started their highly publicized Twitter beef. […]

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    […] for threatening Chris Brown’s life and saying he would “put a pistol in his mouth” on Twitter. But this isn’t your typical celebrity apology. If you wanna understand this ‘I’m sorry […]

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