Gilbert Arenas Dips On Fiance Laura Govan And Family

29 Dec

According to the Washington Post, Gilbert Arenas was recently traded to Orlando and hopped on the first thing smoking out of D.C. His fiancé’s publicist says that Laura Govan hasn’t heard from Gilbert the entire month of December and he left her and the kids with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts. “The children feel like they have been abandoned” as Gilbert has cut off all funds and communication.         

You know Jennifer and Evenlyn are somewhere laughing their ENTIRE asses off!

Despite a strong effort to present their relationships as near perfect, the Govan sisters always find themselves in some sort of drama involving their NBA baller fiancés. While the world formally met Gloria Govan on VH1’s Basketball Wives reality series, her sister, Laura, got her own shine from the show as the woman accused of sleeping with HBWIC (head basketball wife in charge) Shaunie O’Neal’s ex-husband, Shaq.

But Laura’s alleged affair with Shaquille O’Neal was only a bite-size piece of drama that goes own between her and fiancé Gilbert Arenas. Here’s how their story goes:

Girl meets baller. They eventually have a child together. The couple has a falling out and a scandalous, messy child support battle ensues, where Gilbert misses a game to avoid the embarrassment of being subpoenaed to court on National TV. They kiss and make up and have another baby together. This make up break up pattern continues until he proposes and she is accused of sleeping with Shaq. In the midst of all that romantic chaos, they have a third child. Now she is currently pregnant with a fourth child, but he dips out-of-town and leaves her and the kids behind.  Wheww!

So how does a man just leave his fiancé and family behind?

When Gilbert was traded to Orlando on December 18th, he was quoted in The Post as saying, “I went to the airport and left. I didn’t have a chance to say bye to anybody. I didn’t even say bye to the kids.”

Something just doesn’t seem right about this situation. You just don’t get so excited about being traded that you leave without saying goodbye, or forget to send some money home once you get there.

Seems like the Govan sisters need to talk to Khloe Kardashian about how to really lock a baller down!

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