DMX Currently in Mentality Facility

29 Dec

After being arrested a few weeks ago for a parole violation, DMX has been placed in a mental unit for a minimum term of 30 days. I’m definitely not surprised by this news. In fact, I’m glad he is in the care of this facility because he truly needs help. So much of his talent and legacy became tarnished due to the drugs and criminal activity.   

DMX was moved to Flamenco Mental Health Unit, which is located in an Arizona State Prison Complex. After pleading guilty to violating terms of his probation, DMX was sentenced to a year in jail on December 16, 2010. Judge Christine Mulleneaux told the rapper at his sentencing she believes he has an undiagnosed mental condition that could be possibly be bi-polar disorder.

The Phoenix News Times reports that DMX’s manager, Nakia Walker, wouldn’t comment on the status of DMX’s mental health but said she wasn’t surprised when he was moved. This isn’t the first time his mental condition has been questioned.

This is the 13th time DMX has been incarcerated including more than 24 arrests, 11 felony convictions, and 15 misdemeanor convictions. According to his manager, DMX will not be allowed visitors for 30 days.

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