Willow Wants To Be Bigger Than Lady Gaga

8 Dec

Looks like child star in the making, Willow Smith, has big dreams. The nine-year-old talks about reaching a higher level of superstardom and becoming a bigger star than Lady Gaga. She even expresses feeling pressure to be successful:

“The hardest part is wanting to hang out with your friends when you have to work,” she says. My friends will come over and you’re recording and you’re like, ‘Pleeease let me go with my friends. I don’t wanna stay here!’ but people are relying on you.”

Now, don’t get me wrong I love that Will and Jada are encouraging their kids to be successful and get involved in the entertainment business. BUT, Willow’s quote makes me wonder is she is truly the driving force behind her developing singing career. Often with child stars they miss out on the opportunities to be a normal child, look at Bow Wow’s comments. There are interviews where Willow talks about really wanting to be a performer and has a burning desire to be a star like her famous parents. I do support Willow and hope that she achieves the celebrity status that she desires, but not at the expense of having an enjoyable childhood experience.

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