Gloria Govan Dishes About Her Return to Bball Wives and Matt Barnes’ Domestic Violence Arrest

2 Dec

VH1 Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine for an interview that will be featured in the December 2010 issue. In the interview Govan explains why she decided to return to the VH1 hit reality show despite the criticism and scrutiny her and husband, Matt Barnes, received from other cast mates. She also talks about the alleged domestic violence altercation between her and Matt, which led to Barnes being arrested by police on suspicion of domestic violence.  Read the excerpts from the interview.

Why she decided to return to Basketball Wives

We are contractually obligated to a certain extent. We were disappointed with season one, but Matt and I sat down with Shed Media, who developed the show, and we really had an in-depth conversation about what we want our roles to be in this season coming up. Matt has a clothing line, Illusion. We have the charity event, Athletes for Cancer. And you can’t buy better advertising than television. So I think that was one of our main initiatives, to come back and to use the show like it’s been using us.

Matt being arrested

I just think it was something that got blown out of proportion because Matt is from Sacramento. It’s completely false. Matt is very aggressive on-court, but at home, he’s one of the best fiances. He’s an amazing father and he’s just a teddy bear. We just moved to LA together, so we are fine. I hate for him to be painted with that type of reputation, but we’ll work through it.

Why it became a headline

I think it became a headline because we live in a community that’s just nosy. We were outside kind of arguing so I think that kind of got people interested real quick. I think the neighbors just got involved too quickly (and were) too irrational.

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