UP-AND-COMER: Daraja Hakizimana

17 Nov

Hot New Artist Daraja Hakizimana

Daraja Hakizimana is an up-and-coming Houston artist.  He was born and raised in the south side of Houston, TX. The artist was given the name Daraja Hakizimana, as a right of passage,  by the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the Houston branch of The Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church. Daraja’s music is as equally unique as his name! Check out the interview:

How long have you been making music?

D.H.- “I’ve been making music since I got out of high school. I was influenced by many different artists like: Paul Hardcastle, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci and Sam Cooke. I came out around 2000 when artists still had to promote their music in the streets. I passed out flyers and pushed my music myself.”

How would you describe your music?

D.H.- “I think my music definitely has an electric, sexy sound. My music has a Paul Hardcastle feel to it. It’s very instrumental and very chill.”

Do you have that typical “Texas” sound?

 D.H.- “My music is totally different from the traditional Texas sound. That’s actually why getting my music heard in Texas has been such a slow process. I actually had to go to other places to get my music out.”

Who were some of your favorite artists to work with?

D.H.- “I really enjoyed working with the Coughee Brothaz, Devin the Dude, K-Rino and Scarface. I also do other projects like photography and had the chance to work with artists that way as well.”

What are some of the projects you’ve got coming up?

D.H.- “I got two major projects coming up, an album called ‘Electric Kusk’ as a solo artists and another album called ‘Cloud 9’ as a member of the group Club 803. ‘Electric Kush’ is Daraja of the Coughee Brothaz under the Devin the Dude formula, and ‘Cloud 9’ has a straight up R&B sound.”

Check out Daraja Hakizimana on his website:  http://www.darajahakizimana.com/

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