Hurricane Katrina Delayed Lil Wayne Paternity Test

17 Nov

Lil Wayne Might Be A Daddy...Again!

Hurricane Katrina is recognized for destroying the city of New Orleans, killing innocent people and displacing hundreds of thousands from their homes. But now, Katrina is also being blamed for preventing Lil Wayne from taking a paternity test. Weezy is accused of being the father of an unidentified 8-year-old boy. The child’s grandmother is claiming, the superstar rapper would’ve been required to take a paternity test several years ago were it not for the striking of the destructive natural disaster. After the boy’s birth in 2002, the grandmother claimed she made numerous attempts to  reach out to Lil Wayne but was unsuccessful due to the hurricane. It is reported that a lawyer revealed that the courts were slow tracking Wayne down, and that several documents pertaining to the case were destroyed by the massive flooding brought on by Katrina. By the time the grandmother finally received another petition for a paternity test the hip hop Grammy award winner was locked up serving an eight month sentence at New York’s Rikers Island. Now that Lil Wayne is out of jail, he has been ordered to take the test. If the results come back positive, Wayne will add a fifth child to his ever-growing brood. The rapper would officially have enough children to form his own basketball team! Wayne currently has four children. His oldest daughter, Reginae, 13, is with his ex-wife Antonia Cart, in addition to three sons with three other women, including actress Lauren London.

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